Steve Zhu is a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson specialized in the development, trade and investment of commercial real estate in New York City.

  • What We Do

Create the opportunity and facilitate the trade of commercial real estate between property buyers and sellers in New York.

  • How We Do It

Offer comprehensive services for the client throughout the deal. Provide accurate information of the property and business partner. Give genuine advises to the client. We believe in efficiency, integrity, professionalism and long term win-win cooperation.

  • Why We Can Do It

Have been working in commercial real estate brokerage industry since 2007. With rich knowledge and experience about New York market, proficient specialty support and marketing team, we are able to solve any problems, address any concerns and provide any services for our clients from the beginning to the end so that they can achieve their goals with joyful experience.

Company Logo

Century Homes Realty Group LLC.

Century Homes Realty is a firm that prides itself in a tradition of quality and excellence. With our diverse team of over 100 agents, our agents utilize their unique backgrounds and experience to serve the multi-lingual and multi-cultural boroughs of the greater New York area.

Century Homes encourages active participation from our clients to better ensure their satisfaction and are more than happy to guide our clients through any real estate venture.

Our firm is a community-based business and we participate diligently and effectively in giving back to local hospitals and charities as well as collaborating with other real estate firms through our membership to local real estate organizations.

Century Homes is committed to personalized service to better ensure each client’s satisfaction, trust and comfort. Our agents possess versatile capabilities to efficiently provide an array of services. This practical approach of quality rather than quantity is what ensures our success.  

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