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NYC’s multibillion-dollar enigma

A deep dive into the inner workings of the city’s Chinese immigrant real estate market October 03, 2016 By Konrad Putzier and Cathaleen Chen Billy Zeng left his native Taishan in southern China in 1998 and moved into a rent-stabilized…

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Meet the Chinese moguls pouring money into NYC

From marrying into the political elite to soldiering in the deserts of Mongolia, a look at the rise of China’s biggest property tycoons October 01, 2016 By Konrad Putzier When Anbang Insurance Group agreed to pay $1.95 billion for the…

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Racing against the recession

With the clock ticking and the economy sending mixed signals, New York City developers change plans to try to outsmart the market September 01, 2016     By Rich Bockmann   At the beginning of 2013, Joseph Chetrit and David Bistricer set…

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Is NYC’s retail bubble about to pop?

With average rents peaking and a growing number of stores in hot water, concerns over Manhattan’s retail market are becoming palpable July 01, 2016  By Konrad Putzier When 685 Fifth Avenue hit the market two years ago, investors practically lined…

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The Most Chinese of Chinatowns

A changing landscape in Flushing, New York. by Mary Wang Of all the Chinatowns in New York, Flushing, Queens, looks most like China. In Manhattan’s Chinatown, the fire escapes hovering over you are a constant reminder that you’re in the…

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